Hausken JD184 MK2, .30

Hausken JD184 MK2, .30

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With its over-barrel design, the HAUSKEN JAKT JD 184 lengthens the firearm by only around 10 cm. The JAKT JD184 delivers the perfect balance of attenuation, weight and simple handling. The silencer is not suitable for guns with open sights. Maximum external barrel diameter 23 mm.

Pituus 184mm

Halkaisija Ø 50mm

Kierre18x1 Max. bullet Ø bis .375 (9,5mm)

Vaimennusteho n. Attenuation approx. 27+ dB

The JAKT standard silencer is available with a diameter of 50mm as calibre-optimised length variation JD151, JD184, JD224 in the colours: black, grey, orange, pink, blue, gold and silver. The over-barrel construction and the compact design make this reliable companion a multi-talent as far as modern hunting is concerned, with only a very small weapon extension of 67/100/140 mm.

+ 50 mm diameter

+ Over-barrel construction

+ Calibre-optimised length variants (JD151 I JD184 I JD224)

+ Low weapon extension (67 I 100 I 140 mm)